Jalmari ta Korento

Jalmari ta KorentoFull Name: Prince Jalmari ta Korento
Birth Place: Lapland, Finland
Age: 2,419 years old
Likes: Sex, blood, and vengeance
Power: Flying, “Phasing”, Superior senses, Increased strength, Increased speed, The ability to withstand large amounts of physical pain.

Jalmari was actually the third child carried by his mother, but the first to survive birth. Born into royalty, Jalmari suffered at the hands of his parents, constantly being molded and prepared for the day he would rule alongside his father.

The most merciless vampire in history, Jalmari’s father thought him valuable skills, like how to torture a human without accidently killing them. As a child, Jalmari grew up believing that everyone else in the world, vampire or otherwise, was beneath him.

His view of the world changed when he learned he had a human brother, Jesu. Suddenly, ruling alongside his vile father wasn’t what Jalmari wanted. He didn’t understand his father’s motivation for the mistreatment of even their own kind. But what choice did he have? Vampire live very long lives. It was unlikely Jalmari would ever gain complete control of the throne.

That was, until his father went to Russia for what should have been an easy battle against the Russian vampires. Instead, his father’s army was ambushed. They had been warned by none other than Jalmari’s psychic mother.

The crown was suddenly thrust upon Jalmari. He was ready. Never again would his own kind fear and fight each other. But Jalmari would always fight. For deep inside him there waged a war between him and his father.

Contact Jalmari and ask him questions! Send him an email at darkheirloom[at]gmail.com. Make sure you put “To Jalmari” in the subject line! You just might see your question in a Fan Letter post!

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